Easier way to cut down on coffee

A richer, healthier alternative to your regular cup. Provides the boost you love with the health perks you need. Clear focus, no crash in sight.

Sustained Energy

Enjoy a steady, vibrant energy all day! No sharp peaks or sudden crashes, just the right lift to keep you going.

Enhanced Focus

Discover the joy of clear thinking. Our blend sweeps away distractions, making it easier to focus and get things done.

Improved Wellness

Feel as right as rain with our blend. Boost your immunity, promote gut health, and flaunt radiant skin, hair, and nails!

No Nasty Side Effects

Wave goodbye to the jitters! No more shakes, no sleepless nights - just a smooth, comforting cuppa that treats you right.

The bitter truth about regular coffee

Morning energy roller coaster

We get it. Mornings are tough, and a hot cuppa seems like the magic potion. But here's the catch: that surge of energy can wobble your focus and bubble up anxiety. Then, as swiftly as it arrived, the energy evaporates, leaving you flat and drained.

Afternoon cup’s hidden cost

The afternoon slump hits, and the coffee pot calls. We've all been there. It's an easy fix, but did you know that lingering caffeine can sneak into your night, disrupting your sleep? You may be snoozing, but your body's wide awake, impacting your rest.

The quiet impact on your gut

Coffee's a daily ritual we all love. But over time, it can brew trouble. The extra cups we sip to keep the caffeine kick going can stir up our gut due to the acidity. Even though it seems harmless, over time, our bodies can disagree. Coffee for many often becomes too much of a good thing.

Your coffee, reimagined

It's about preserving the magic of your daily coffee ritual but losing the bad bits. In our blend, you'll find magnificent mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Chaga. These natural powerhouses kickstart your day gently, without the crash or anxiety. Our carefully chosen, grass-fed collagen protein helps you glow from the inside out. And guess what? All of it still tastes like the coffee you adore. Only better. Healthier. Sustainable. No jitters, no slump. The drink you love, on its best behavior.

Elevita vs Regular Coffee

Brings you into a “flow state”, making your brain work better without any fuss.

Kind to your gut. Boosts your overall health, making you glow from within.

Breaks the cycle of needing more. Savour the taste and energy without the worry.

Puts you into a fight-or-flight mode. Great for surviving a lion attack, not the best for thinking tasks.

Can upset your tummy due to high acidity. This can have harming effects over time.

Drives you into a dependence spiral. More is always needed for the same kick.

Testimonials from our winner circle

I'm in love with this coffee alternative!! I noticed a real boost in focus and my energy levels during the day, my tummy feels amazing and, best of all, it still has the same coffee flavour which is just perfect! I've been drinking it for almost two months every morning and I've never felt better!!

Laura Moore

Great product! Have been drinking it 1-2 times daily, and completely forgot about regular coffee. My mood is better, my sleep is better, and I finally feel no any jitters anymore. Also I noticed an improvement in my hair health. Thank you for a great product and amazing customer service.

A Lyons

I loove coffee, but I have always been a bit sensitive to the acidity and caffeine. Two months ago I switched to Elevita and I'm never ever going back! I no longer feel cramps in the morning, I'm much more relaxed during the day, and I sleep better than ever. Very highly recommend!

Jayne Brooks

I drink elevita's coffee blend literally every single day. Even my parents got hooked on it, so now all three of us drink it daily. We love the taste and especially the effects! To me, elevita tastes like light to medium roast coffee with subtle chocolate notes. I hope this helps because it’s a great product.


This coffee blend is hands down my favourite product ever. It tastes delicous and I feel amazing and so energized with no mid-day crashes. I would never think mushroom blend could have such effect on me. I recommended it to all my friends and family because ELEVITA is the best. You have to try it.

Paula Addis

I was skeptical. Coffee is coffee, right? No, not even close. Elevita tastes great, is kind of the gut, and totally easy to prepare. I had joint pain in my hands for years and Elevita made it disappear within a week. It lifted my brain fog, I feel more uplifted and focused rather than anxious. I love it!

Emily Gill

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Signature Blend

Your new morning ritual. Enjoy focused energy and an uplifted mood without the jitters or crashes of regular coffee. It's all the goodness you love in a cup, made even better.


30 servings of 6g

Nutritional Information

Mushroom blend (Lion's Mane & Chaga), Coffee extract, Collagen Protein, L-Theanine.

Shipping & Returns

Free 2 day delivery across the United Kingdom.

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Lion’s Mane

Your brain's best friend. Helps memory, focus, and nerve regeneration. Also supports a healthy gut.


Your wellness warrior. Packed with antioxidants, helps your body defend against illness and stress.

Collagen Protein

The secret to beauty from within. Strengthens skin, hair, and nails. Supports joint health and digestion.

Coffee Extract

Low-acidity extract, gives you the familiar coffee taste and energy boost, but without the crash later in the day.


Helps reduce stress and promote relaxation. Keeps the jitters at bay for a smooth, steady energy flow.

How to prepare

1. Add 2g to a cup

2. Pour in hot water

3. Stir well

4. Add your favourite milk, if desired

The beginning of your new chapter

Imagine the comfort of your morning coffee, now with extra benefits. A cup of our blend starts your day on a calm, focused note. It's energy without the jitters, concentration without the crash.

This simple switch can lead to bigger changes. More productivity, less fatigue, healthier choices without thinking. It's not magic - it's just taking care for your well-being first.

So, why not? It's the same warm cup you love, just better for you. Because when it comes to your health and happiness, even small changes can make a big difference. Upgrade your cup, upgrade your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Elevate your mornings with Elevita